Why Traveling as a Couple is Important

Here we will list four reasons why traveling together as a couple is so important. Regardless of age or origin, we all can better our lives and relationships with a little travel. And who better to do that with than your significant other?


You'll have less stress

Science supports getting out of the regular routine to help break the cycle of anxiety and stress that can build up from work. A great way to do that is a weekend getaway or vacation. In an article by Tony Schwartz in The New York Times, he explains how relaxing will help you become more productive! There is only so much time in the day, but never taking breaks doesn’t always mean accomplishing more. As stated in the article, “...the accounting firm Ernst & Young did an internal study of its employees and found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings from supervisors (on a scale of one to five) improved by 8 percent.” Such benefits have been shown to last weeks after going on a vacation. Many Americans don’t use all of their vacation, but doing so is a win win for everyone.


Your relationship with strengthen


Spending one on one time can put new couples to the test or reignite the fire in older relationships. Taking time to spend even just 15 minutes a day with your partner away from the kids, tv or smartphone to talk in private can be forgotten in our often busy everyday lives. Going on a trip makes it just about the two of you and eliminates distractions. It has been shown that couples that travel frequently are happier and more satisfied with their relationship. Plus, in the case of a new relationship, it can help you understand the other person more as you will both be out of your comfort zone, making decisions together and will have time to talk about bigger life questions, like if you envision having kids. Or in the case of a seasoned relationship, going somewhere other than home creates memories together that only the two of you share. On a rough patch with your partner? A common and very effective marriage counseling technique is to recommend a vacation. Spending time together gives the opportunity for rehabilitation and reconnection.


New experiences are better together

Human beings are social creatures at heart. One of the great things about being in love is sharing things with each other and being your true self. It also can give you the motivation or excuse to go do and see things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even activities you know to be bad at can become great fun as you both laugh at each other’s lack of skill. Has your girlfriend or boyfriend never been skiing or horseback riding before? Show them the ropes and create friendly competition. Find out what activities Red Lodge, Montana has to offer.


Traveling is good for your health

Getting dirty is good for you! These days many of us are prone to always keeping sparkly clean, but exposing yourself to the outdoors can boost your immune system. Research has also shown that activities like hiking can boost your hippocampus and keep it healthy as you grow older. This helps against memory loss and dementia. Of course, muscle building and fat burning is always a plus. Additionally, the same exercise will release endorphins in the brain and make you happier! Traveling to new places can also present new challenges, such as a taller mountain, which has the added benefit of satisfying the wanderlust within us. Try being a kid again, leaving any stressful thoughts behind and focusing on just what is in front of you. Perhaps that ideal scene contains nothing more than a beautiful view and your soulmate.