The Beartooth Rally

The greatest motorcycle rodeo in the country can be found in Red Lodge, MT.


About the rally

The tradition started back in 1995 during July and has continued ever since. The rally is always the third weekend of July each year, but the festivities often begin a little early, with a good number of bikes rolling in through the whole week.


Known sometimes as the Iron Horse Rally or the Harley Rodeo, is a motorcycle rally that happens every July in Red Lodge, MT. Riders hit the road with their friends and travel up the majestic Beartooth Pass for a scenic view and winding roads. The pass takes you up to over 10 thousand feet for some epic views of the valley and beyond. The switchbacks make for a fun ride up and down. Bikers taking the same journey will cross your path often and give friendly signals of hello. They are not all locals either, many make the trip from all different and far places of the country. Check out the license plates for a surprise to as how far some bikers come.


See more pictures and user experiences at the Beartooth Rally website below.


Things to expect

Main street of downtown is filled with nothing but a long line of parked bikes for some great spectating. Have a car? Good luck, try finding a side street to park at instead. This weekend is all about the bikes. Harleys, tricycles, custom paint jobs, shining chrome, classic bikes and the weird fill downtown. Showing off your own ride and comparing bikes with others is good fun and might even get you some new riding buddies. If you are likely staying out late, make sure to get a sober drive home or walk back to your lodging. The Corner Stone is in walking distance! Check to see if we are available.


Shops and vendors will also be found all throughout downtown. Need new leather? No problem, outfitters will have you covered, literally. One might say leather is the official dress code for the Beartooth Rally. Poker runs, live music with dances and even a golf tournament can be things to expect.


The iron horse rodeo itself is a wild time full of fun and crazy motorcycle iron horse competitions. Barrel racing, a slow race and a sausage eating contest are just a few of the possible events at the rodeo. Things are changed up every year to keep things interesting. The only thing you know you will get for sure is a good time. Want to join the Iron Horse Rodeo? Try signing up, or watch from the crowd.

Words from a local:


The Surrounding

Take advantage of what is nearby. Just over the hill in the town of Bearcreek you can find pig racing and a bar with some pretty dang good food. That’s right, pig racing. Take night out and bet on which piece of bacon is will reach the finish line first. Vegetarian? Well, if plants and nature are more your style, Yellowstone National Park is just past the Beartooth Pass. Stop by the normally snow-covered Cooke City for some clean air and a great western mountain village view.


Third wheel in the bike party? No worries, Red Lodge has much more to offer! Biking, hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, camping, golfing, climbing, horseback riding, hunting, shopping and more are all available. There is something for everyone! Check out our page about Red Lodge to learn more about the area and what there is to offer.

Want more details and pictures of the Iron Horse Rally? Check out the Red Lodge Iron Horse Rodeo website below.